Just because someone tells you they love you doesn’t mean they actually do. - Anonymous.
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Most of us must have someone to be spent with. When two person or more had spent about 2 hours a day, they were called friends. Friends are someone who we know each other well. We shared our happiness and solving our problem together.

Friends can be in many colour. Black, white, blue, green and so on. Each of them have their own side of characteristic and personalities. It depends on us to choose them to be our friends.  In order to find a good friends, it is better to find someone that has same or interesr with you.

There are some advantage having a friends.When you are sad, and in a hard situasion, there's a friend who always be on your side.They will make you feel more comfortable and give some words to chill you. "I will never let you fall, I will stand up with you forever, I'll be there for you."

Friends is like a family. When we need them, they will be there. I also have friends. Sometimes, we fight each other, but then, I realized something, taht I will feel lonely if I not with them. Even though I rarely with them all the time, our relationshipis like brother and sister.

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